Day 1

Relationships can be great. Really. My relationship helped me with my anxiety, depression, self-harming and body image. But I am starting to think that it is not 100% good. I mean, I am thankful that my boyfriend basically saved my life (I tried to kill myself somayn times I don’t even remember all of it), but I also started gaining weight because I thought I was beautiful. Well, i was. We all are beautiful no matter what size we are. But only if we feel good. I do not. I am now about 75 kg (165 pounds) and I hate it. Even other people tell me that I am “bigger” than I used to be.
But it’s not like I don’t care. I do. Because I am not vegan anymore, i eat junk food and I am not healthy. That’s why I am going to get back my body.

Meal Plan
Breakfast: Oatmeal with maple syrup and cinnamon + cocoa with soy milk
Lunch: RICE! with tamari

Work Out Plan
– 30 Day Butt Lift Challenge (1st Day) Link here
– 30 Day Sleek Arms Challenge (1st Day) Link here
– 1st Day of Blogilates Begginers Calendar

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